Monday, September 10, 2012

Whether or Not to Face the Weather?

I sometimes run on treadmills.

I really rather not.

But I can stick with it for 10+ miles at a time if necessary.

I've heard the name "dreadmill" before and although I think the running outside is much, much better, I don't think that the treadmill is all that bad.

Especially when you're faced with some unpleasant weather...

So where is this going? Let's say that St. Louis weather can be a bit... unpredictable. One minute its blazing hot at 90 degrees with no wind; you can barely catch your breath, let alone stay hydrated. Then out of nowhere, the sky turns from  a slightly suspicious gray color to pitch black. This is not a situation you want to be in.

Last Friday, I went out for my daily run. I was feeling great considering that temperatures were a bit cooler. I am still adjusting to the hot, humid St. Louis weather and enjoyed the slight breeze on Friday. Out of nowhere, four miles into my run, the sky turns dark. At 5pm. You could imagine the words I said in my mind. I was about two miles away from my apartment.

BOOM. Thunder struck.

This was not good. I knew what was coming.

The downpour wasn't too bad. I could take the rain; I simply used my hands as a sort of windshield wiper every few steps so I could actually see what was in front of me. But the hail. The hail hurt.
Big clusters of hail hit my chest, face, head-you name it. I ran through hail and rain for two miles. My roommates stared at me in horror as I walked through the doors, making a mess and leaving a trail of water.

But it was kind of fun? I waved at cars whose passengers were probably thinking "sucks to be that girl." But really, I wouldn't do it again.

Moral of the story?
Run on a treadmill if it's hailing. Bruises + Pain = not good for future runs.
Run outside and push through if its too hot, too cold, or too windy. It'll make you a better runner.

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  1. I have run in hail and thunder by accident, but I usually draw the line at thunderstorms! Falling branches scare me!