Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Bad at Tapering.



And I'm itching to run. It's been two weeks of "taper" and I can firmly say that I'm awful at following rules.


Here's a look at my mileage for the last two weeks.

Week of July 16
M- 5 miles
T- 5 miles
W- 10 miles
TH- 6 miles
F-10 miles
S-6 miles
SU- off

Week of July 23
M- 6 miles
T- 10 miles
W- off
TH- 8 miles
F- off
S- off

So there has definitely been a decrease in mileage these past two weeks.  I peaked around 75 miles two weeks ago. Recently, I've been running at very easy paces just to get my legs moving and blood pumping. Everything feels great; I have no lingering injuries and YES I REMEMBERED THE CORRECT DATE THIS TIME. (for the St. Louis Marathon I went through the entire training cycle thinking the marathon was on April was on the 15th... I ran 24 miles the week before the race...)

I'm not exactly sure what my pacing strategy will be like for tomorrow. San Francisco is notoriously hilly and I don't know if I've done enough hill work. I think I'll just let everything fall into place and run the best race I can.

Is it "Worth the Hurt?" Absolutely. See you in 26.2!

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